XMPP Communication Service

This is the therudes.com communication service. A XMPP service provides messaging ability via a local client. Meny XMPP servers (like this one) are federated, meaning they are able to connect to diffrent XMPP servers on diffrent domains, similer to how email allows you to send messages to users on other domains/servers. This service is in complete compliance with XEP-0387.

This service requires the use of a client to connect to the server with. Please see the client list for a small list of available clients that may be used. My personal preferred clients are Gajim or Swift for desktop/laptops and Conversations or ChatSecure for mobile.


  • Port: 5222
  • Domain: therudes.com
  • Server Name: im.therudes.com
  • Rooms: conference.therudes.com
  • File Uploads: upload.therudes.com
check.messaging.one server score


Contact Information

This site is maintained by Matt Rude (0xc4909ee495b0761f). If you would like to report any problems or bugs, please send a email or XMPP messsage to the email address listed in one of my public keys.

This Service

This service is running a clustered configuration, of two servers, running ejabberd version 18.12.8 on Ubuntu version 18.04 LTS. The source code for ejabberd may be found on github in the processone/ejabberd repository. The program ejabberd is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2.0.

Website Source

The source for this website may be found in the github repository xmpp-site-lite. The site is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3.0, and may be used or modified under the terms of that license.